July 1, 2019 Blog Posts

Let’s Make Freedom from Discrimination A Reality for LGBT Virginians!

Today’s the day:

If the General Assembly had passed bills this session to protect LGBT Virginians from discrimination in housing and public employment, those protections would officially be the law of our Commonwealth today, July 1.

We’d be ending Pride Month with the start of a new era for LGBT Virginians, one where we can’t be blocked from working or renting, kicked out of our homes, or fired from certain jobs because of who we are or who we love.

And we’d be looking toward Independence Day this year knowing that the American ideal of freedom is closer to being a lived reality for our community.

We’re not doing that today though, because this year legislative leaders blocked LGBT nondiscrimination legislation again, for the fourth year in a row.

What we are doing is organizing so that next July, we will be celebrating greater freedom for LGBT Virginians. Join the Virginia Values coalition to show you’re committed to this movement and someone from our team will reach out about ways to get involved.

Starting soon, we’ll need people to make calls, sign postcards and do other community outreach. You can let us know when you sign up how you’re interested in helping.

Although full equality is another year away, we have a lot to celebrate this week as our nation celebrates its freedom. Mainly, the massive and growing support for LGBT freedom from our fellow Virginians.

We tried to hammer this home to leadership during this year’s session: Polls show that 67 percent of Virginians want their LGBT neighbors protected from housing discrimination, and 73 percent want employment protections. When you break those numbers down by party, more than half of Republicans want LGBT protections too.

Why? Because Americans across the political spectrum value freedom, and know LGBT Virginians can’t truly be free—to make a living, support our families, and contribute to our communities—until we are protected from discrimination.

Let’s win these protections in Virginia.